Kitchen Design Trends

Every year, we uncover new kitchen design trends when it comes to kitchen design. While trending topics can be, you guessed it, trendy, there are many we feel are here to stay. While it’s sometimes difficult to know what’s sticking around and what’s not, a true indicator seems to be when you, our clients, ask for those said “trending” design elements. That’s a true sign of what’s here to stay! Want to see what they are? Check them out below!

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a beautiful element for any style kitchen (or bath for that matter!). It creates and an open feel to the space, while still being able to utilize it for storage. They are perfect for storing decorative items, or even items you utilize frequently. The fun thing about open shelving is it doesn’t necessarily have to match the rest of the kitchen. It can act as a contrasting element giving the space that extra character.


Incorporating a bench or banquette into your kitchen is definitely a trending topic right now. More and more we see clients matching their banquettes with cabinetry we’ve delivered (so clever!). This really unties the kitchen with the eating area giving the spaces a cohesive look. Plus, it creates a cozy space to enjoy breakfast and other meals.

Pops of Color

Pops of color might not be the newest trending topic, but the types of colors are. Lately, we get asked about cabinetry in the blue and green tones. And we love this because we can color match any color you’d like for your cabinetry! A popular way to incorporate color is with your kitchen island or in bathroom cabinetry.

Big Islands

Speaking of islands, the trends seems like the islands are getting bigger and bigger. Why? We’re not sure, but if you’ve got the space, why not utilize it? Islands today can be multifunctional, and if it’s big, you can fit many functions you need in a kitchen such as a cooktop and a sink.

Kitchen Design Secrets: Clever Design Tips Utilizing Cabinetry

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