Kitchen Design Secrets Glass Front Cabinets

Kitchen Elements We Can’t Live Without

When designing kitchens there are a few kitchen elements we can’t live without. These “elements” have nothing to do with the aesthetics but rather the functionality of the space, which in reality, is the most important when it comes to kitchen design! Learn more about what these elements are below.

Adequate Workspace

The workspace is super important to the kitchen. This is where your food prep will take place among other things. So having an adequate amount of counter space is vital. When planning your kitchen, especially if it’s on the smaller side, try spacing out the functions that take up counter space (such as the cooktop and sink). The workspace is also one of the first things people see when potentially you’re in the market to sell your home.

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Enough Storage

Whether you have a small or large kitchen, storage is equally important when it comes to both. Correlating the sizes of your appliances with the size of your kitchen is a good idea. A 48″ range is going to waste vital storage space when you can simply go for the 30″. Also, being clever with your storage solutions will help you keep things organized. This rings especially true for the corner cabinets. The corner cabinets have wonderful storage options that help you utilize every square inch.

Designing With Kitchen Zones

Good Layout

A kitchen can’t be a good kitchen without a good layout. The layout should make sense to the space. This rings especially true when it comes to the kitchen island. Being that it’s a hot-ticket item, everyone wants to incorporate an island somehow, even when there is no space. You may get more counter space, but the kitchen is cramped as a result. A good layout also depends on how the kitchen is designed. Whether the kitchen triangle or work zones are used, these are good places to start when planning the layout.