Cabinet Interior Organization 101: Kitchen Doors

For the month of June, we are going to focus on some of the special organizational tools. All of these are offered by one of our cabinet lines and are available for any design. First, we will start with what you can install behind kitchen doors. Hinged/swing doors are the most commonly used cabinet in any space. But, you aren’t limited to just adjustable shelves, or even roll out trays like seen in the picture above. Let’s see what other fun items we can install to improve the organization and functionality behind your kitchen doors.

Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets aren’t typically modified because most people don’t know what to do with wall cabinets. Trust us, there are plenty of fun accessories to put behind wall cabinet doors. You can install a message center on the back of any door. In corner cabinets, there are smaller versions of lazy susans you can specify. Below we show two of our favorite inserts. On the left is a wall accessible shelf rack. This helps you reach higher spaces by bringing the shelves closer to eye level. Our other favorite is on the right – a door mounted spice rack. These are perfect left/right of a cooking surface! The shelves inside of the cabinet are shallower to allow the spice rack to fit, but it’s definitely a top request, even if only on a single door in the kitchen.

Base Cabinets

Nowadays, everyone pretty much knows you can add a roll-out tray behind kitchen doors. See the top picture for both shallow and deep roll-outs options. But, did you know those rollouts can also be modified? Basically, if you can put an insert in a drawer base, you can put it in a roll-out, so don’t limit yourself! There are also specialized options as seen below. On the left, a tray divider pull-out is an upgrade from basic tray divider inserts. Not only does it help you easily organize sheet pans, muffin tins, and cutting boards, but it also allows you to look down on all of them at once without bending over. Leave squatting for the gym! You can also install a roll-out shelf instead of a roll-out tray. Why? These are great for small appliances because you maximize the useable space – no sides or front/back to worry about.

Looking for other organization solutions? Check out some other ways to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, and see some of our thoughts on open shelving in any design.