Cabinet Interior Organization 104: Other Rooms

We’ve covered the basics, but what about specialty products?  These are items that maybe you wouldn’t normally think to ask your designer. Think outside of a kitchen and bathroom – what other rooms in your home have storage needs? Laundry rooms. Offices. Bedrooms and closets. Bars. And these are just a few of the plethora of options. Organization is important everywhere in your home. So, how can you better organize those spaces? In the picture above you can see some cabinets surrounding a television and providing good-looking clothing storage. Drawers and cabinets with dividers, shelves, and even hanging rods are a go-to. But, we want to share two of our favorite specialty items.

File Folders

These can be so useful around the house. Think about it – how many papers and documents do you have sitting around? You probably keep things for taxes, save records for home appliances and specifications, and don’t forget how many pieces of paper kids can use! A filing system may be a no brainer, but sticking something on top of a desk really disrupts your workflow. When designing cabinets in spaces such as offices, laundry rooms, or even family command centers off a kitchen, think about a file folder. These work best next to a seat that you can rest while searching through your files. Just add dividers and increase the organization in your home!

Murphy Beds

Have a spare bedroom that you want to convert to a specialty space like an office or gym? Not only may you need storage, but you may end up needing an extra bed for guests one day! Here is the perfect organization tool to keep a bed, but get it out of the way on a regular basis. Not only is it a space saver, but dare we say it – it looks pretty good too! Pull the bed down and set in place for a cozy place to rest your head. Or flip it up and forget all about it while you are finishing up that painting in your art room. And not to worry, they come in different sizes, so don’t feel like you are restricted to a small twin bed because you aren’t!

Ready to look at your other cabinet interior organization options? Check out the whole series: 101 (kitchen doors), 102 (kitchen drawers), and 103 (bathroom inserts) and get started on organizing your home today!