Cabinet Interior Organization 102: Kitchen Drawers

As promised, a follow up to our Cabinet Interior Organization 101. But, instead of what we can put behind closed doors, we are going to see what we can add to our drawers. We love drawers. They are so versatile and help you get to the back of those deep cabinets without having to sit on the floor and reach back. They are also a “single movement” instead of “dual movement” access. With interior roll-out trays, you have to open a door and then pull the roll-out making two movements. A drawer simply opens with one pull. But, there are a few ways to make your kitchen drawers are even more organized. Let’s take a look!

Drawer Inserts

You’d be surprised at how many insert options there are for kitchen drawers. One of the most basic – but most common – request is for cutlery dividers. As seen in the bottom right corner below, they can be as simple as evenly spaced dividers across the drawer. There are also some options to make these adjustable in the field, in case you need bigger or smaller sections as your kitchen grows. A step up from that would be a dual-tiered insert. This means that within the drawer itself there is an extra top row of dividers, as seen in the top right corner below. You can use these in both short and tall drawers, and they are perfect for junk drawers as well. Finally, there are several options for deep drawers, as seen on the left below. The pegboard system is spiking in interest and can be perfect for plates and bowls, pots and pans, or even unruly Tupperware!

Full Height Pull-Outs

Although these aren’t technically drawers, they are still “single movement” organizational tools. The distinguishing term “pull-out” means that you pull the entire accessory out with the door/drawer front. As opposed to a “roll-out” that you pull out after opening a hinged door. Some cabinet lines may call them by a different name as well, but the function is the same. Our favorite is the double trash pull-out (bottom left) – a top request for almost every kitchen! Perfect for trash in front and recycling in back. Single trash pull-outs are also available. Another favorite is a pantry pull-out, where there are several shallow shelves, sometimes adjustable, that pull out together. These are great for cans (like you see below, right), spices, oils and vinegars, and a plethora of other items.

Check out some other kitchen must-haves when redesigning your space, or learn about some other important kitchen design topics before you hit demo day. Come back next week as we jump on our third lesson in cabinet interior organization!