How to Measure


4 Easy Steps to Measure Your Current Floor Plan

Your new kitchen design is uniquely tailored for you, customized all the way through! This is why we ask for precise measurements of your unique floor plan. Sound complicated? Don’t fret! Follow our simple guide below for the exact steps to properly measure your floor plan.

Make special note of any electrical outlets, ceiling light fixtures and any permanent fixture that we need to know about.

Using a pencil, sketch out the existing layout of your room. Don’t worry about the scale, just be sure to note where the doors and windows are and the direction in which they open.

how to measure kitchen step1

Next, use a tape measure to measure each wall, corner to corner, and record the measurements.

how to measure kitchen step2

Then, measure the height of the windows, electrical outlets, door and ceiling.

how to measure kitchen step3

Finally, make note of any measurements from built-in objects like bookcases, fireplaces, window seats, etc.

how to measure kitchen step4