Cabinet Interior Organization 103: Bathroom Inserts

We have already introduced you to what you can put in a kitchen cabinet, but what about the bathroom? Bathroom inserts are sometimes even more important! Think about it – a bathroom is a small space that you use multiple times a day. You get ready for the day as well as mind down your evening in a bathroom. And the vanity is one of the workhorses in that room. It’s time to make sure that you are utilizing every square inch to perfection. Above you can see that we can take some kitchen organizational tools (i.e. tilt-out sink fronts and drawer inserts) but what about things specifically for the bathroom itself?

Vanity Pull-Outs

Let us introduce you to two of our favorite bathroom inserts, both being vanity pull-outs. They operate just like a pull-out pantry in a kitchen but have different interiors specifically designed for bathroom storage. On the left, we have a “slim pull-out rack” with adjustable wood racks. Nonskid shelves are framed with clear sidewalls. Clear plastic trays are included to help you store your smaller items – like medicine, nail polish, makeup, and more. These are either 3- or 6-inch wide cabinets with a lot of impact in a small space. On the right is a “pull-out hairdryer” with two stainless steel tubs at the top. And storage isn’t limited to a hairdryer – you can use it for a straightener or curler, brushes, or anything else that is a bit taller. The two shelves below help with additional small storage as well like hair accessories, razors, etc.

Additional Bathroom Storage

Pull-outs aren’t the only bathroom inserts to help you maximize your vanity storage. There are some simple ways to also update the most basic of designs. Are you working in a smaller space like a hall bath? Don’t need all of the extra organizational tools above? Want to have some better organization below the sink? Enter the U-shape drawer. This is a common request that is fairly simple. You get the benefits of a drawer while leaving room for the plumbing! Just make sure the plumber puts everything in the right spot. And what if your cabinets are close to the shower or closet – or even the laundry room? A roll-out hamper is an easy way to catch all of those dirty clothes without having to walk back to the bedroom. Or, for a guest/hall bath, a perfect place to drop used towels, as seen below.

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