Cabinetry Is Great For The Other Rooms In Your Home (1)

Cabinetry and Back to School

How do cabinetry and back-to-school relate? Well, with cabinetry we have the building blocks to create spaces within the home that are back-to-school friendly. Cabinetry does just belong to the kitchen, it’s also found in the office, laundry room, and other spaces! With back-to-school being well on its way, we thought it seemed fit to explore the areas in the home perfect for the kiddos.

Mudroom Cabinetry

The mudroom is a perfect area for the kids to hang their coats, sports gear, and backpacks. Even if you don’t have a designated mudroom, we can create a “mudroom” style piece of furniture for any hallway or laundry room. We do so by creating cubbies, or sections, and the amount depends on how many you would like. But its a good idea that each kiddo gets their own section. That way, they have ownership of their own drawer, shelf, hook, and cubby.

Cabinetry Is Great For The Other Rooms In Your Home (1)

Desk Area Cabinetry

We design offices and desk areas as if they were kitchens! The fun thing about these areas is we have to think a little outside the box as the functionality is completely different. Where in the kitchen you store pots and pans, in the office you’re storing paper and supplies. Including a desk or office in your home is perfect for the school year, as the kids have a designated area for homework and studying.

Cabinetry Is Great For The Other Rooms In Your Home (1)

Kitchen Island Cabinetry

The kitchen island is super popular for back to school. Having an island is a huge request from our clients. One, they want company while cooking, or two, they want a space for the kids and their school work. Getting together with your family surrounded by food sounds like a perfect way to get some homework done if you ask us!

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