4 Must-Haves When Remodeling Your Kitchen

When remodeling a kitchen, you might have a long laundry list of all your wants, needs, and absolute must-haves. Lists are super important as they give you an overview of how in-depth your remodel could possibly be. As kitchen designers, we feel there are four definite must-haves when it comes to remodeling a kitchen, some small, some big, but overall make a huge difference in the quality and functionality of the space. Ready to find out what these are? Continue reading below!


We’ll start with the most OBVIOUS must-have for your kitchen, cabinetry! Cabinets are what sets the tone for the entire space. It’s where you store everything that belongs in the kitchen, and it is essentially the backbone of what makes a kitchen, a kitchen. Here at Cabinet Collection, we carry a line called Showplace Cabinetry. Showplace Cabinetry has a door style and color that will suit any taste whether it’s on the traditional specter or over on the modern specter. If there’s not a color you like from the standard selection, special order any color from Sherwin Williams.

Soft close and full extension

This is a subtle and tiny detail that makes a huge difference when it comes to any kitchen remodel. Let’s start with soft close. The soft closing mechanism is something that can be added to doors and drawer fronts. This essentially eliminates all slamming of doors and drawers and create a silent and delicate glide. The full-extension pertains to the drawers, yes those extra few inches of the drawer make a difference! You’ll have full overview and no nothing getting hidden in the back of those drawers.


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Interior Features

Interior features are what helps to really elevate the space. If your base cabinets only has shelves, you’ll understand the frustration of pulling everything out (not to mention, awkwardly) just to get to that “thing” you needed in the back. Adding drawers, interior drawers, pull-outs, cutlery dividers and spice shelves with not only keep things organized but keep you sane!

New backsplash and countertops

It’s not a kitchen without the finishing touches. The most necessary finishing touch are the countertops. While there are lots and lots of different variations out there, the most popular we feel is granite and quartz. Granite is natural stone while quartz is crushed up natural stone mixed with a binding material creating an even more durable product than granite. We love both options! The backsplash is not necessary but it helps to protect your walls and it also is an opportunity to add decoration. With the many options out there, you’re sure to find something you love! Learn more about countertops here!
Ready to start your kitchen journey? Let us know and we’ll help you on your way!