Working Virtually With Your Designer

While everyone has been restricted to sheltering-in-place and attempting to work from home, this is what we do on a regular basis! Since we are an online cabinet company, we are able to design your cabinets without having stepped foot in your home. How? It’s fairly simple! Let’s deep dive into the ways we are working virtually with our clients – and how you can benefit from them.

Providing Plans

The first thing we absolutely need in order to get started on any design is dimensions of the room we are planning to work in. You’re probably thinking “well, how do I get those?” This may be a little tricky if you’ve never measured a room before, but we’re here to help. We even created a simple How To Measure guide to get things rolling. Don’t worry if you aren’t perfect! If there is something that you are missing (like how wide a window is) we simply ask for that missing link. Pictures are also extremely helpful – both up close and from far away. This helps us get a sense of the room and help us understand the surrounding spaces.

Builder Plans

If you are working with a builder or architect that has already drawn up floor plans, ask if you are able to release those to your cabinet designer. CAD files and PDFs are easy for us to work from. And again, don’t worry if you are struggling with your own measurements. We are here to help! Some things are important, others are not so much. If you are concerned, our designers are here to help you learn as well as design!

Design Meetings

Meeting with your designer actually very simple. Cabinet Collection always appreciated and embraced technology – as any online company should. We’ve been working virtually from day one! We set up a time for you (and whoever else needs to have input, like your significant other, installer, or interior decorator) to meet with your designer. We send you a virtual meeting request with appropriate login information so you can join by phone, tablet, or computer. It is recommended that the main decision-maker(s) be on a computer as we share our screen to go through the designs with you. It can be a little hard to see on a tiny phone. However, it allows anyone to join in the conversation, from anywhere! Want your parents who live across the country to join? Easy! Are you currently working out of the country? Simple! You can gain access to us from anywhere.

Reviewing Design Packets

The design meetings themselves are pretty straightforward. We provide floor plans, technical elevations, and dimensional renderings. All of these things together create what we in the industry call a “design packet.” If you can easily read blueprints the floor plans will be a breeze. If you are more visual, the renderings help you see what the new space will look like. As we have more meetings and get closer to an end result (and start picking materials) we can even do colored renderings and 360 panoramas to really help you visualize the room.

Cabinet Material Selections

Honestly, this is the toughest part about working virtually. As designers, we love to touch and feel before committing to material selections, so we understand that you want to do this as well. You want to see what the cabinet color looks like in your home lighting, or compare two similar colors to see what looks best with your counter or floor selection. We get it, and we want you to ensure that everything is perfect, because cabinets are a big investment. There’s a solution for that. We are able to provide you a certain number of samples that are in the direction that you are considering. Say, you know you want dark gray cabinets – there may be two grays that are pretty similar. One is cooler and one is warmer. Let’s gather what materials you are using (we may even have some of those samples we can check cabinet colors against) and our designers will help guide you in the right direction. We also have samples that we can send out to you to “live with” and make sure they feel right.

Getting Started

But how do you get started? We always suggest that you utilize resources like Houzz and Pinterest to create idea boards. These will help your designer be inspired and get a sense of not only what colors you trend towards, but what overall style. The cabinet door style matters, and can drive you from very traditional to uber-modern, even within the same overall layout. If you need help creating an idea board, our sister company has an easy guide to get you started. You can also start looking at some of our cabinet selections, and see if anything feels good. You can also check out our top five favorite door styles. Don’t be afraid of telling us what you don’t like. Sometimes that is just as important as what you love.

From start to finish, we are committed to working virtually together to ensure that you get the perfect design for your new space. If you want to know more, go ahead and meet the team, learn to navigate our virtual showroom, or give us a buzz to answer any of your questions.