Navigating Our Virtual Showroom

Being that we are a virtual kitchen design company, our online showroom is one of our greatest tools to show off many of the products we’ve got to offer! Essentially, it’s a one-stop show to look at products, get inspiration from our past projects, and it’s where we make our first point of contact. One of the most wonderful things about our virtual showroom is that we can constantly update our online showroom compared to a traditional brick and mortar. This helps to keep our clients and potential clients consistently up to date on our product offering.

Shop cabinets

The first tab you may notice is our “Shop Cabinets” tab. This is where we have samples of our most popular door styles we have to offer. Further down the page, you can get inspired by our most popular paint colors and stains. In addition to the cabinetry styles and colors, we’ve got information on the different cabinetry construction types. Getting to know the different types is important as you will learn which type works best for you. But, we’ll let you in on a little secret, frameless construction is by far the most popular construction type we offer!

Online Process

Continuing along with the tabs from our website, we go into detail about the “Online Process”. Yes, we know it may seem unusual and maybe daunting to order cabinetry online. But let us assure you, we take each step in our online design process very seriously. Yes, our process is virtual, but the connection with our designer and the work you have designing one-on-one is personal.


The “Gallery” is our chance to show off previous projects and for you to get inspired. Actually, one of the best ways to work with a designer, whether it be online or in person, is to talk about inspiration photos of kitchens and point out the items you like and want to include in your space. In our online gallery, we’ve got photos of various styles of both kitchens and baths for you to enjoy!


Our “Resources” tab is a great tool to use when you’re just starting your kitchen or bath remodeling journey. Here we have a design blog where we discuss various interesting and insightful topics within the field. We also have included a page where we explain the right way to measure your space. This is important as your designer will use this to prepare for your design consultation. Lastly, we also cover the three types of construction just in case you missed it on the “Shop Cabinets” tab.

About Us and FAQ

On the “About Us” tab and our “FAQ” tab, you will find more information about what we do. Want to meet the team? Check out the About Us page and learn more about how we got started. Have questions you want answering? Check out the FAQs as we’ve already answered many of your questions – and if we haven’t, let us know!

Start Your Design and Contact Us

The “Start Your Design” button and the “Contact Us” tab take you to the same page. This page is essentially the first step to your new kitchen or bath! Here you type in information about you, your project, and you can even upload documents and measurements you’d like to share. We try to make our process as easy as possible, and you don’t even need to leave your house!

Designing beautiful spaces should be easy and enjoyable and we hope we’ve inspired you to check out our virtual showroom. Feel reach out to our team at Cabinet Collection as you begin your kitchen remodeling journey. We have a team of experts ready to help you design your space and help you along the way!