Our Top 5 Favorite Cabinet Door Styles

It today’s cabinetry world there are tons of options when it comes to door styles. While we love them all for various styles of kitchens, we’ve managed to narrow it down to a list of our top 5 favorites! The cabinet door style is what sets the tone to the whole kitchen. It can single-handedly determine the style of the space! Whether its raised, flat panel, or slab we’ve got you covered. Check out our top 5 favorites (although we have so many more!) below.


The Channing doorstyle is a wonderful option for a traditional style kitchen. The raised panel and the detailing surrounding it gives it dimension and provides elegance to the space. A general rule of thumb is the more detail a door provides, the more traditional it leans.


The Sterling door style is a beautiful option for a transitional kitchen that also is looking for a touch of traditional. While the center panel is flat, the slight bead surrounding it provides that delicate touch of traditional. This door style can be provided in paints and stains.


The Milan doorstyle is our go-to for modern kitchen styles. The flat slab style provides little to no detailing which makes it a perfect contender for that modern and minimalistic look. This door comes in paints and stains. If going with a stain, you’ll see beautiful graining which helps to provide a nice texture to the space -as seen in the door below!


The Lexington is one of our top selling door styles. It’s perfect for the transitional style kitchens. “Transitional” is the sweet spot between modern and traditional and is a great option if you’re not sure what you want your style to be. This allows you to interchange the style of your home as your kitchen can be styled to lean more modern or traditional at any given point.


Edge water is a wonderful door either on its own or paired with the Channing door style (first one listed above). While this is a flat panel, the detailing in the molding is what pairs these together. While this door leans more traditional, it could also work well in a transitional space.

We’ve got plenty of door styles to choose from! We hope you enjoyed our top 5 favorites but check out more of our favorites here!