Kitchen Designer Secret Tips (3)

4 Great Kitchen Design “Secret” Tips

When designing kitchens, we always get to know our client’s needs and wants for the space. We discuss many topics, but the four basic categories include zoning, accessories, functionality, and material selection. Each of these categories includes details that are super important to the success of the space. That’s why we like to employ some of our “kitchen design secret” tips that turn a good kitchen design into a great kitchen design. Anyone can draw a kitchen onto paper, but it’s the small details that make a difference! Take a look as we break them down below:

Zoning Tip #1: Fridge Panels

As we have discussed in a previous blog, “Kitchen Zones”, we have understood the importance of implementing a clear plan for zoning. The food storage zone has a cold zone (the refrigerator), and this is where we store all of our perishables. So what’s one way of making this space look good? Well, one of our “secret” kitchen design tips is to panel-in your fridge and include a full depth cabinet above. This will give a purposeful built-in look without having to go fully integrated – plus, who can complain about additional storage!?

Kitchen Designer Secret Tips (3)

If you have a free-standing fridge, adding panels to the left and right, then topping it off with a full-depth cabinet, will give it a built-in look!

Accessories Tip #2: Two-Tiered Drawers

Drawer storage accessories help you organize cutlery, cooking utensils, mess drawers and more. But our “secret” tip for maximizing storage space is to go one step further by adding another tier to the drawer, almost like a hidden drawer! Now, we don’t recommend this for every drawer, but including one or two (depending on your kitchen size and storage needs) of these additional tiers in your kitchen will maximize your storage opportunities.

Kitchen Designer Secret Tips (3)

The two-tier drawer, almost like a “secret” compartment, can really help maximize the storage in your drawer.

Functionality Tip #3: Keep Glass Away

One thing we love and our clients love is glass-front cabinetry. Glass-front cabinetry gives you the opportunity to display items and it also gives the illusion of openness in the kitchen. One thing to keep in mind though, is location, location, location. We know that glass looks great, but we never recommend these near the cooking area. With steam, grease, and other particles swarming about while cooking, you’d need to clean the glass each time you cook. Think about putting glass-front cabinets further away or higher up, such as a top row.

Kitchen Designer Secret Tips (3)

Here we have placed the glass on the top row of cabinets, keeping it away from the cooking area.

Material Selection Tip #4: Color-Coordinated Outlets

If your project involves incorporating a new backsplash tile, one thing to keep in mind are your outlets in the backsplash area. If your backsplash is white, you may not need to worry as outlet covers commonly are white. But if your backsplash is any other color, consider incorporating a matching color! The same goes for outlets on your kitchen island. If you have a dark brown stained island, it would be an eye-sore to have stark-white outlets. So, think about every small detail – yes, even outlets!

Kitchen Designer Secret Tips (3)

The outlet cover on the island blends with the grey stained island, making it less noticeable. 

More Kitchen Design Secrets…

Our kitchen design secrets may not be so secret because we love to share. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you elevate your kitchen design. While there too many tips and secrets to be shared, we realize that even the smallest of details make a difference! If you find yourself wanting more information or have any questions, feel free to connect with our design team for our expertise in kitchen design!