Finding The Right Cabinetry Finish

Cabinetry finishes are more than just the color of your cabinetry, they play an important role in protecting and sealing your cabinetry to prevent cracking and deterioration. There are tons of possibilities when it comes to cabinetry finishes. To start, there are paints, stains, and also the various slab surfaces each giving a distinct feel and look. Cabinet Collection has a large variety of finishes that will complement your kitchen. Today, we will explain a little more about the options and hopefully, you will find one that complements you! Let’s dive in!


Painted cabinetry is one of the most common ways to finish your cabinetry. When working with a dealer like us, the possibilities are endless! You can start by browsing the many finishes we offer, or if you have a specific color you like, we can color-match. The painted finish is done in a multistep process that ensures longevity and superior durability. Paint can be applied to wood and high-grade MDF cabinets.

Cabinetry Finish Paint


Stains are another one of the most common ways to finish cabinetry. A stain will allow you to enhance the natural wood features of your cabinetry. Depending on the wood, some types will have more graining than others, each giving a distinct look. A stain can range anywhere from light to dark and will also ensure that superior durability. In addition, you can also consider adding a glaze, which will give that handcrafted look.

Cabinetry Finish Stain

Slab Surfaces

With slab surfaces there comes a variety of options depending on the material. Your options include foils, high gloss acrylics, textured melamine, and veneers (slab surfaces also include paint, which we’ve covered above). Foils and acrylics are low maintenance and provide a smooth surface. A textured melamine can give you the look and feel of real wood without the wood price tag. Lastly, a veneer is a thin piece of wood applied to a surface. So depending on the look and feel you want, you’ve got many options to choose from!

Cabinetry Finish Textured Melamine

So what’s the right finish for you? Well, that’s up for you to decide! No matter what the finish, our team has the expertise, inventory and the technology that will transform your new kitchen and bathroom cabinet design. Selecting the finish of your cabinetry can be fun and exciting. So, if you feel like you’re ready to take the next step in finding the right design that works for you, let us know!