Kitchen Design Secrets Our Top Tips

Kitchen Design Secrets: Our Top Tips

The kitchen is widely known as the heart of the home. It’s where we gather to cook, eat, hang out, entertain, to do homework, and more. Given that, it’s probably the most frequented space in your home! Most people who come to us are looking to improve their kitchens, and we understand why! Remodeling your kitchen can add value to your home and is considered a great investment. With aesthetics aside, we’ve gathered some of our top tips to make the kitchen an integral part of your home. To learn more, check out our top tips below:

Services Your Kitchen Provides

The services your kitchen provides should work for you and your household. Yes, there are lots of neat and exciting new appliances out there, but that doesn’t mean you have to have the steam oven or a built-in vacuum-sealer machine to be a well-functioning space. Our best tip is to make sure your kitchen covers all the basic needs of cooking, cleaning, and cooling. All extras can be tailored to your individual needs (why, of course, I need a built-in coffee machine!).

Kitchen Design Secrets Our Top Tips

Traffic flow

While designing kitchens is fun and exciting, we must be considerate of the space allotted as we can’t go overboard with cabinetry. The flow and order of the space are just as important as the final look. This is why the traffic flow in the space should be designed in a meaningful way. Now if you’d ask the cook, they’d most likely want some personal space in their cooking zone (learn more about zones here!)!

Kitchen Design Secrets Our Top Tips

Consider the Materials

As mentioned above, kitchens are an investment in your home. It’s not every day you’re out buying a new kitchen, so taking the time you need to find the right fit is very important. Not only that, the finishes and materials you select will most likely be there for many years to come. So, consider the materials and envision what it will be like in 10-20-or 30 so years. A popular choice has always been neutral colors, especially white, but don’t be afraid to add some color! Color is great for areas such as the island cabinets or possibly the backsplash.

Kitchen Design Secrets Our Top Tips

Let The Light Shine

There is nothing more priceless than letting the natural light in. If you have windows or other openings in your space, you should utilize them for their benefits. Centering a sink by a window (if space allows) is a great way to utilize the light. If there is a lack of natural light, then artificial light will do the trick! You can never have enough light in a kitchen.

Kitchen Design Secrets Our Top Tips

Cabinet Heights

We have a range of various cabinet heights allowing us to customize different needs to a space. If you want to make our space feel taller, then take the cabinets to the ceiling. If you wish to make your space seem more open, utilize shorter wall cabinets, or no cabinets at all for a more open feel.

Kitchen Design Secrets Our Top Tips

Looking to learn more about our process? Be sure to connect with us and we’ll tell you all about it! We have a team of experts ready to help you design your space and help you along the way!