What NOT To Do When Designing Your Kitchen

We write a lot about everything you should include in your kitchen design, but not so much about what not to do when designing your kitchen. So, what to do? It’s not often you remodel your kitchen, and we understand how exciting and at the same time, overwhelming, it can become. When looking for inspiration, there are many beautiful spaces to take ideas from, but what you should also think about, kitchens are not all one-size-fits-all types of spaces. So, it’s really important to evaluate your own space and see what can and cannot be accomplished. But no worries, we’ll give you a list of our top “what not to do when designing your kitchen” tips! Check them out below.

1.   Forgetting the workflow

Yes, the design aesthetic is important as to how a space looks, but don’t forget about the workflow of the space. In essence, the workflow is what will make or break the kitchen! To eliminate chaos in the kitchen, apply the “zoning” method or the kitchen triangle to create a nice workflow. To learn more, check out our blog covering those important topics, here!

2. Trying to add too much to the kitchen

Look at your kitchen now. You may have grand ideas for the space, but will it work? Many clients want to incorporate an island, but an island takes up a lot of space. And if you want to try to squeeze in an island, it might be better to do without. A nice solution to this is to incorporate a peninsula instead, which is attached to a wall or other cabinets. It creates an illusion of an island, and also provides extra workspace! It’s a win-win!

3. Not hiring a designer

If you have little to no experience designing a kitchen, we recommend working with a kitchen designer. This can help SAVE you money and also avoid unwanted design mistakes. The kitchen designers here at Cabinet Collection design kitchens on a daily basis and also problem-solve tricky spaces. Design meetings help to cover every basis of the space. We finalize every detail and accessory for your cabinetry. Most importantly, we help you avoid costly mistakes!

Kitchen Design Secrets: Clever Design Tips Utilizing Cabinetry