Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinets

This sheltering-in-place business has really got us spending two to three times as many hours at home than we are used to. So, have you started noticing some things about your kitchen cabinets that are really irksome? Maybe your kids keep slamming cabinet doors. Or maybe your trash is overflowing from being overused and is an atrocious sight to behold. Whatever is starting to bother you, we urge you to write it down. Then, once you are ready to begin working with a designer, you have a perfect “paint list” to hand over. A new design can fix most problems, but knowing how your cabinets should function is the number one priority. So, let’s show you some pain points, and how to start finding solutions.

Ease of Access

New kitchen cabinets, versus the older build-on-site versions, have a lot of “upgrades” that are now standards in the industry. Another bonus of working with manufactured cabinet lines! Since the early 2000s, we have seen almost everyone begin offering a soft-close feature on door hinges. And soft-close drawer boxes were the next to follow suit. No more slamming cabinets! The one thing most people don’t realize is how far their drawers actually come out. If you’ve ever pulled out your cutlery drawer and realized you can’t really reach the serving spoons you’ve shoved in the back of the drawer, it’s because your drawer box is only 3/4 extension. When purchasing new cabinets, be mindful of this because it’s still an option. However, you really want to ask for “full-extension soft-close” drawers. This way, the drawer box completely sits outside of the cabinet box so you can easily reach everything. This will also ensure any roll-out trays, pull-out organizers, or other interior items also come out as far as possible.

Why this matters:

This answer is pretty straightforward: you are able to get to absolutely everything in the drawer box without having to reach over, under, or around anything. Easy access items like this also make a big difference if you are planning to stay in your home as you age. You are able to see everything from the top by simply looking down. No need to bend knees (especially on those bottom shelf roll-outs) and reaching to the back of a 24″ deep cabinet. And then, you can go even further by adding helpful inserts inside of those drawer boxes. Pegboards to hold pots and pans or serving dishes, cutlery dividers and inserts, and even tiered roll-outs.

Specialized Storage

Are you just like everyone else and realize that you have a million things on your countertop? Are some of those items getting in the way when you are prepping and cooking? Or are they just an eyesore? Finding the perfect spot for small appliances, especially if you use them often, is an in-depth conversation you definitely want to speak to your designer about.  Also, do you have some items, like baking trays and muffin tins, currently stored on top of each other? You’re probably unloading half of them out of a drawer before you find the one you want. What a waste of time! Have a list of those appliances and specialty items ready to go and you can design your kitchen cabinets around them – making sure they each have their home.

Why this matters:

First, it keeps you more well organized. “A place for everything and everything in it’s place.” In your home, and definitely in your kitchen, that could not be more true. Think about it – you may currently just be sticking these items in the pantry or in the back of a deep cabinet. They’re hard to get to, and if you pull them out all the time, it can put a stress on you physically as well. That added stress and work while you are cooking in something you want to avoid. Redesigning the space for you help alleviate that pain – literally. Specialized pull-outs perfect for vertical storage helps you organize those jelly roll pans and cutting boards. A fun lift-up door with a roll-out shelf for your coffee station while in use allows you to hide the mess when you’re done. And a mixer lift that brings your KitchenAid to counter height and stays put while you use it can be a total lifesaver.

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