Upgrading Your Bathroom Cabinets

A bathroom can be a tough space to crack when it comes to finding solutions. Unlike kitchens, bathrooms are enclosed spaces and are usually hard to expand into another room. Why? Plumbing is one of the most expensive trades out there. And if you are adding more space, you are likely moving your plumbing – a lot. Most people want to try to work inside the space that they have, and there are definitely solutions new cabinets can bring. So, what are some of the biggest complaints and how can new bathroom cabinets help? Check out our top three below.

Cabinetry Above The Commode

Have you ever stood up from using the commode and rammed your head into the cabinets above? Feeling like you have to abide by the five D’s of dodgeball: “Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge?” What you put above your commode and where you place it can have a simple, but huge, impact. A standard kitchen wall cabinet above a counter surface sits 54″ above the finished floor. The same can be used in a bathroom for a standard wall cabinet. If you are using something deeper, you may want to lift it up even more. Something 48″ above the finish floor is also okay above a commode, but you may want to consider something the depth of your commode tank or less.


Depending on what you plan to store, there are tons of configurations we could suggest. Floating shelves are perfect if you have some good looking items that you are willing to display – like flowers. Maybe it’s a guest/hall bath with lots of visitors and you need lots of tissue paper storage. Normally, those rolls don’t look so great, so behind closed doors is the best option. Open cabinets allow for storage but can also be an easy way to install a simple towel rod to place next to a shower, or vanity sink.

Specialized Storage Solutions

For any bathroom where people normally get ready – the master, the kids jack-and-jill, or in the en suite – personalized storage is usually on the top of the new bathroom cabinets wish list. Think of how you are going to store any and all of the following items: hairbrush/comb, hairdryer, curling iron, extra toothpaste, vitamins, medicines, nail polish and remover, makeup, and the list goes on! There are so many things people need in the bathroom that may be considered essential and normally get crowded on the counter or stuffed into a drawer. Or even worse, get pushed behind a not-so-good-looking medicine cabinet that you don’t plan on keeping when you remodel.


Just like kitchen solutions, there are plenty of pull-outs and accessories that can be added to upgrade your bathroom cabinets to personalize your storage. Hair accessory inserts typically allow you to place “hot” items into canisters. We have also seen electrical outlets place in the back of the pull-out so they can stay plugged in. A sink tilt out in a bathroom can add some easy additional storage for maybe an extra hand towel or other small items. Drawer inserts can also be used to separate individual towels or medicines. And have you considered a spice pull out in a kitchen? The same idea can be used in a bathroom to store a lot of things without needing to open up 5 or 6 different drawers.

Organization For Bulk Items

Everyone always wants to know where their extra towels are going. Or maybe you have an extra set of linens and/or pillows you want to store in the guest bathroom for guests to whip out as needed. These bulkier items are a little harder to find perfect storage solutions for. Do your towels all match and can be easily rolled up and placed on an open shelf? Or are they all a little mismatched over the years and need to remain behind closed doors? Thinking about the items you actually need to store – and creating a list – will help determine the best solutions.


Open shelves and “X” styled bathroom cabinets have been a go-to for towels, but there are more options! If you are able to raise the plumbing for your vanity sink, you can create a short open shelf below the sink – perfect for hand or face towels. For larger body towels and robes, large baskets in open cabinets can easily keep these things partially hidden, and well organized. In a guest bath – like the middle picture below – you can create a “hamper” with two for guests to place dirty towels. Simply wash and replace when they leave! Note: hamper pull-outs are also a great option. Feel like you are running an Airbnb and need all kinds of storage? Don’t knock a tall, good-looking, linen cabinet. One with drawers or pull-out shelves are easier to use and find things in, so don’t just stick with all adjustable shelving.

Getting some good ideas for your next cabinet update? You can work virtually with one of our designers to plan your new space! Considering a kitchen remodel as well? Check out some ways to upgrade your kitchen cabinets as well!