The Kitchens we LOVE and why

In our field we have lots of kitchens to love. While we’ve designed several kitchens to every taste, there’s always something for everyone! With several door styles, colors, and door materials to choose from, we’re sure to create the kitchen that you love as well!

The rustic

What we love about this kitchen is it’s rustic feel. The cabinetry is made of wood and left with a natural stain. Keeping the charm of the wood grain alive. To give it an even more rustic look is the cabinetry construction type. Here we have an inset construction (where doors and drawers sit inside the frame) giving it that classic look. 

Kitchen Design Secrets Glass Front Cabinets

The modern and open

We love kitchens with high ceilings give the space truly an open feel. Even though we’ve stacked cabinets up high, the openness is still very much present in the space.  Another trick for openness? By not overcrowding the walls with cabinets, try open shelving to give your space some “air”.

The two-tone

Yes, white and light colors will always be a safe bet for your kitchen. But what about adding a pop of color? We love it when this happens! A pop of color whether it be a hood that stands out or a kitchen island such as this one in a gorgeous grey-blue paint. 

Whatever kitchen style you are, we’re sure to create something you love! Why not check us out and see what we can do to help make your kitchen dreams come alive! Talk to you soon!