Say Hello To Contrast Cabinetry in The Kitchen

Nowadays people tend to stick to what is considered “safe” when it comes to designing spaces in your home. But truthfully, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of color! In the kitchen, adding a pop of contrast can do some good! It helps to freshen up the space and adds some pizazz compared to the “safe” white-on-white finishes (although, nothing wrong with that either!). But for the sake of today’s blog, we’re going to talk all about contrast cabinetry and how to utilize it within our kitchen. Check it out below!

Feature Contrast in Your Island

One of the most popular ways to introduce color in your kitchen is by adding it to your island. This is where many people want to see a pop of color whether it’s a stain, paint or a different texture. We think this is because the main kitchen perimeter may feel a bit more permanent and needs to stick with neutral, while the island can be more exciting and fun. Plus, if you want to change it further down the road, it might be less cabinetry you’d need to change. Here at Cabinet Collection, we can order cabinets with any color you’d like from Sherwin Williams though our Colorselect program – find your favorite today!

Upper Vs. Lowers

A simple and easy way to incorporate contrast is to select one color for all your uppers, and a different finish for all your lowers. We like to call this “tuxedo-ing” your cabinetry. The question then is, what color will your tall cabinetry be? In this case, we’ve matched the tall cabinets with the upper cabinets so that the white finish is the main color of the kitchen.

Other Materials

If you’re feeling like the contrast in your cabinetry feels too permanent, then we have a solution for you! Selecting a “safe” color for your cabinetry is a-ok, and if you feel like you’re missing some color, you can incorporate it in other ways. For example, introduce a colorful and contrasting backsplash. You could even find an exciting countertop with movement (click to learn more about backsplashes and countertops).