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Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Designer

For many, working with a kitchen designer might be embarking on new territory. But fret not, a designer is here to help you, educate you, and guide you through the process (speaking of, see the many benefits of working with a designer, here). Even before selecting a kitchen designer to work with, it’s important to ask design detailed questions about products, process, and applications – giving you the confidence to go forward or not. So, what are some of the questions to ask a kitchen designer? Well, check them out below!

What is the cabinet finishing process?

Before deciding which kitchen designer/company to go with, it’s essential to ask about the cabinetry finishing process. This is important to know upfront as various finishing processes might give the same result looks-wise, but over time, could have cracking and deterioration. Today, cabinetry can be finished in different ways. The cabinetry we offer is finished in a factory setting that is applied through a multi-step process which is then baked on. This prevents the weakening of cabinetry giving long lasting results.

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What are my storage accessory options?

A standard cabinet interior either starts with basic shelving and/or drawers. Keeping it standard is great for some, but many people remodeling their kitchen opt to include the various storage accessories to help them re-organize their space. With so many to choose from, we recommend evaluating what you really need storage-wise to help with organizing. Popular choices are interior roll-out drawers, spice racks, tray cabinets, and cutlery dividers. Learn more about storage accessories here!

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What type of drawer glides are included?

This is an easy question, yet, it’s often overlooked. At Cabinet Collection we always include soft-close drawer glides. You’ll never hear a drawer slam again because the soft-close takes care of that for you. It’s those simple elements that add that sense of luxury that everyone wants!

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What cabinet construction is right for me?

The type of cabinet construction is entirely up to you as the user. Here at Cabinet Collection, we provide all types of construction. The options are frameless (European full-access), framed, and inset (a type of framed). Our most popular selection, however, is the frameless option. This gives you full access to the cabinet which also results in a slightly increased user area (drawers become wider, and openings larger). Learn more about types of construction here.

Questions To Ask Your Designer 1

When it comes to asking questions, we’ve barely scratched the surface! Design is multifaceted, exciting, and always evolving. So, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We’d love to have a nice kitchen conversation with you as our team has the expertise and technology that will transform your new kitchen and bathroom cabinet design! Contact us today for a free design consultation!