New Year’s Resolutions in the Kitchen!

Happy new year everyone! We can’t believe we’ve made it to the year 2020 and it gets us to thinking about our new year’s resolutions. Common resolutions revolve around health and wellbeing. Getting healthier, and living a healthy lifestyle is super important and the main resource to getting healthier is not just a gym membership, but something you have in your home. It’s the kitchen of course! Want to see how you can adopt healthy resolutions in your kitchen? Well, check them out below!

Pantry Organization

Organization of any kind promotes a feeling of well-being. Whether it’s your closet, workspace, or even your kitchen pantry! An organized pantry gives you a clear oversight of your inventory which promotes less waste. Pantry organization can be done with bins, baskets, sliding drawers and more. One of our favorites is a pantry cabinet with slide-out drawers. A drawer for each category 🙂

Appliance Kitchen Resolutions

Your appliances are what make your meals a success. Whether your favorite appliance is a simple microwave or as advanced as a steam oven, these tools are what helps you in the kitchen. And don’t forget about your smaller appliances such as the blender and food processors. These can easily be stored on your countertop but also stowed away in the appliance garage keeping your kitchen free of clutter.

Kitchen Routine and Flow

We end with our most important tip for your kitchen resolutions. Your kitchen routine and flow. This heavily involves how we organize our items which heavily affects how the kitchen flow works. Keeping your kitchen organized into zones is a great place to start. What we recommend to our clients is do an inventory of your kitchen. Donate what you don’t need and recycle the items that are broken. Then reorganize your cabinetry into zones of what you’re storing. For example, baking, glassware, cleaning supplies, books, and much more.

Kitchen Design Secrets: Clever Design Tips Utilizing Cabinetry