Meet Our Virtual Designer

Looking to meet our designer who has the wonderful job of making your kitchen dreams come true? Well, in today’s blog, we’re getting to know Cabinet Collection’s designer, Katie Bacon, a little better. With Katie, you’re in good hands as Katie has 14 + years of experience in the field. To her, every client and project she works on are just as important as the other. Working with Katie you’ll have a passionate and driven counterpart in the process of designing your dream kitchen! Learn more about Katie below.

How would you describe your design style?

This might sound cliché but I would say “timeless and classic”. I also enjoy different types of design characteristics such as Art Deco to the styles of the famous architects, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Frank Gehry.

 What is your favorite part of working with clients?

My all-time favorite part of working with clients is the listening process. Listening to their needs and delivering a space that “wow”s them is what fuels me!

If someone wanted to DIY their kitchen remodel, what advice would you give them?

My top tip would be to be very thoughtful and take your time in the planning stages. This will make the execution of your project run much more smoothly than if you try and rush to get it done quickly.

What is an average day for you like?

Typically I’ve got multiple projects I’m working on at one time and they are in different stages. So it’s important that I begin each day by organizing my most important tasks that need to be tended to. But, I must say a cup of coffee and sparkling water after my workout is what really kick-starts my day! I couldn’t live without my sparkling water!

What are 3 words that describe you?

Kind, thoughtful and energetic!

Where do you look to for inspiration?

I get inspiration from everyday life. Sometimes the simplest shape or sight can turn into something spectacular. One of my favorites was a blue kitchen I designed. I got the inspiration for the shape of each individual island section from the cross-section view of a diamond and married the three together.

If you could have a celebrity as a client, who would it be and why?

I would say, Sarah Jessica Parker. Her personal style is awesome and I fell in love with Carrie Bradshaw back when “Sex and the City” first came out. I would love to design her space both as Sarah and her character Carrie!

What is your favorite phase of a project (the pre-design work, the beginning/demo, middle, or end/completion)?

I would say the middle. I like to see all of the individual pieces starting to come together and take shape. It gets me excited!

When you’re not busy designing at work, what do you spend your time doing?

I’m big into sports! I love watching college football, golf, and the NFL. I also love to volunteer with an organization called TangoTab. It’s an organization with the main mission of ending hunger not only in Dallas but in America and all over the world. I’m a leader for one of the monthly “Feed the City” events!

What does Cabinet Collection mean to you?

Cabinet Collection means family to me. I don’t know where I’d be in my career without the support and confidence from my colleagues over the years. And yes, we’re an online design company, but the service we provide is personal, so when you work with Cabinet Collection, you become our family too!

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