Kitchen styles: the farmhouse kitchen

Kitchen Styles: The Popular Farmhouse Kitchen

One of today’s biggest trends is none other than the farmhouse style, especially in the kitchen. Ever since the popular home improvement shows gained traction, the farmhouse look has become a total craze and people keep wanting more and more of this popular style! And we totally love it! Not only can you decorate your home with the farmhouse look, but you can also design your kitchen with elements that help to emphasize this popular style. We believe that the farmhouse style is a nice blend between many styles, has a calming color scheme, and utilizes natural materials. This is what makes this style so exciting and unique. Ready to learn more about this popular style? Check out our favorite tips and tricks below!

A Blend of Styles

The fun thing about the farmhouse style is that it’s an eclectic mix of many styles. There’s a bit of traditional, a touch of modern, hints of transitional, all mixed with elements of industrial, rustic, and antique. This blend of styles leaves the farmhouse style open to each person’s interpretation of how they want to portray the look. Think exposed brick, metals, wood elements, and shiplap on the walls. As for the cabinetry, we tend to lean more on the traditional side with a raised or beaded panel (learn more about door styles, here). And what we especially love for the farmhouse kitchen is the inset cabinet construction (and learn about construction, here).

Kitchen styles: the farmhouse kitchen

Color Scheme

The color scheme that tends to be pretty consistent with the farmhouse style is in the neutral family. Think whites, creams, greys, and browns. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add color here and there. By keeping the “main” kitchen areas neutral, gives you the platform to add color in other areas such as through décor, or even a contrasting hood. Our favorite method of adding color is introducing a pop of color on the island cabinetry while keeping the rest neutural. Then, by adding a neutral backsplash (subway tile is super popular by-the-way) with a contrasting countertop is sure to bring you well on your way towards the farmhouse kitchen style.

Kitchen styles: the farmhouse kitchen


Just like with the neutral color scheme, we tend to lean neutral and natural on the materials. Think wooden cabinetry, cast-iron sink, wooden open shelving, stone countertops, butcher-block, glass-front cabinets (speaking of glass-front cabinets, check out our blog, here), wooden hood, and decorative posts and pilasters. There can also be elements of industrial (think metals) and antiques (think furniture pieces and décor). Feeling free to mix and match these details is everything that the farmhouse look is about!

Kitchen styles: the farmhouse kitchen

Designing beautiful spaces should be easy and enjoyable to all and we hope we’ve inspired you to explore the various different types of kitchen styles this field has to offer (more kitchen style topics to come on our blog!). Feel reach out to our team at Cabinet Collection as you begin your kitchen remodeling journey. We have a team of experts ready to help you design your space and help you along the way. Let’s get started, contact us today!