Kitchen Styles Modern

Kitchen Styles: The Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen embraces simplicity and minimalism. Essentially with the modern style, less is more, and more is just too much. Having too much and decorating every nook and cranny is not what the “modern” kitchen represents. Actually, taken right out of the dictionary, the term “modern” means “of, relating to, or characteristic of contemporary styles of art, literature, music, etc., that reject traditionally accepted or sanctioned forms and emphasize individual experimentation and sensibility.” So, if modern is the look you’re going for, then being thoughtful about your finishes and keeping things simple is a great place to start!

Breaking it Down

When it comes to the modern style kitchen, the details lean more streamlined and simplistic. For example, cabinetry should most definitely not lean traditional. Look for door styles that are either transitional (recessed panel), or even better, slab (flat panel). To really maximize and utilize all the space, we recommend using European frameless construction cabinetry. Below is an example of a kitchen with a flat panel (slab) door and a melamine finish. Learn about the many different types of door styles here. 

Kitchen Styles Modern

Color Schemes

There really is no set color scheme when it comes to the modern kitchen style. But in theme with keeping things simple, finding colors that complement and create balance, is a great place to start. You could even be “bold” and utilize colors in a monochromatic way. Learn about cabinet finishes here!

Kitchen Styles Modern


The cabinet materials we love for a modern space can be anything from paints, stains, melamine, veneers, and high glosses. There really is no right or wrong with the materials (of course, they must pair well with one another). As for countertops, we love a material that’s not too busy. A simple granite or even quartz with marbling would be beautiful options for a modern kitchen. Below is a kitchen with a stained slab door paired with quartz countertops.

Kitchen Styles Modern

All in All

With a modern kitchen space, there really are no strict rules other than keeping things simple and clean. Your materials shouldn’t be too “loud” but having a pop of something here or there is not a bad thing. If you need help finding your kitchen style, then let us help you! We’d love to help you with your kitchen journey! Last week, we talked about the farmhouse kitchen, read about all about it here!