Kitchen Style: Transitional, a Mix of Styles

A transitional kitchen style has long been a fan favorite of many. Why? Because the transitional style kitchen is a perfect blend between modern and traditional styles. So, if you’re afraid you’re making the wrong choice of being too streamlined with modern or too decorative with traditional, then transitional is the way to go! A transitional style kitchen takes the best elements from each, creating a style that’s uniquely it’s own. Learn more about the transitional style as we break it down below!

Breaking it Down

With modern leaning more clean and streamlined, you lose some of the more decorative elements the space can offer. Then with traditional, it’s the mere opposite. It’s as decorative as you can get. As mentioned above, the transitional style takes the best elements from modern and traditional to create its own unique genre of style for a kitchen. A typical door style you’ll see in a transitional space is the recessed panel door with little or no additional moulding.

We also love this breakdown of kitchen doorstyles.

Color Schemes

We love the transitional style as any color scheme will work if you want it to. By far the most popular finish for cabinetry is a painted white finish. This way you can add color through other elements such as backsplash, countertops, fixtures and more. But if colored cabinetry is your preference, then have at it!


The fun part about transitional is you can utilize several different materials whether they are modern or traditional. For example, marble countertops lean more traditional and classic, but you can add a straight edge adding a modern twist to these classic tops. Don’t want marble, but desire the look? A great material to use is a marble look-a-like such as quartz. This definitely adds a twist to the space as you’re using traditional looking countertops while it’s a modern material.

All in All

If you’re unsure of what youre kitchen style is, then transitional is a great place to start! If you need help finding your kitchen style, then let us help you! We’d love to help you with your kitchen journey! Last week, we talked about the traditional kitchen, read about all about it here!