Kitchen styles: the farmhouse kitchen

Kitchen Style: Traditional

As modern and farmhouse kitchen styles are on the rise, traditional kitchens have been here and will continue being a popular style for years and years to come. Traditional kitchens lean heavier on the details and ornamentation compared to other kitchens. And if you’re looking for something classic, traditional is the way to go. To learn more about a traditional style kitchen, continue reading below as we break it down.

Breaking it Down

A traditional kitchen is a favorite to many. It’s beautiful ornamentation with stacked moldings, carvings, and woodwork makes a traditional style kitchen a classic. As for the doorstyle, a raised panel is definitely the way to go! Although, a recessed panel could work as well. Depending on how detailed it is and what you pair it with could help your kitchen lean more traditional. Think beading and applied moldings. In addition to the doorstyle, the other material you select, such as the countertops can help sway the style of your kitchen.

Color Schemes

A traditional style kitchen could be any color scheme you so desire, but steering away from too many bold colors is a wise choice. However, color here and there is totally fine! We love the pairing of navy blue and white – it’s a beautiful combination! But overall, neutral tones and accentuating the natural elements of wood and stone is a beautiful way to enhance a traditional kitchen.

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As mentioned above, utilizing natural color tones is great for a traditional space. This also means utilizing natural materials. We love the combination of woods, granite, and other natural stones in a traditional kitchen (like marble for example).

All in All

With a traditional style kitchen, keeping things classic, detailed, and ornate is the way to go. Your materials should respect the natural elements such as woods and stone. If you need help finding your kitchen style, then let us help you! We’d love to help you with your kitchen journey! Last week, we talked about the modern kitchen, read about all about it here!