Kitchen Design Secrets: Glass Front Cabinets

Here’s a little kitchen design secret for ya. Did you know you can enhance the look of your cabinetry by adding glass front cabinets? Well, with most of our door styles, we have the ability to add mullions and glass options making your cabinetry special and unique! But keep in mind, yes, they are beautiful but glass-front cabinets may not be for everyone. Interested to learn why? Discover some of the pros and cons and find out more about our options below!

The Pros and Cons of Glass Front Cabinets

Glass front cabinets can instantly create an open and airiness to a room. Not only that, but they also create a great location to display your favorite dishware and decor. Keep in mind though, glass front cabinets always look good in photographs (as they’ve been carefully staged and designed), so making sure that glass fronts are a valuable input to your space is something to consider. A general rule of thumb is to display matching dishes that have a unified look. This will overall give a less cluttered look to the space.

Kitchen Design Secrets Glass Front Cabinets

We love how the homeowners have styled their glass front cabinets with matching pottery. This really helps to keep a clean look.

  • Gives an open and airiness feel to the space
  • A great spot to display items
  • You can get creative with the many glass options
  • Adding a mullion to the door is another great way to elevate a glass front cabinet
  • A surface to constantly keep clean.
  • Can feel chaotic if items stored inside do not have a unified look. If this is the case, check out the glass options below to help!

Glass Options

With the many glass options for glass front cabinets, you’re sure to find one that works for you. Our options range from clear glass to frosted, to various deco patterns. Whichever one you choose; glass fronts can help to bring an open feel to any space! We’ll let you in on a little design secret… if you feel glass front cabinets would look beautiful in your space, but you’re concerned about clutter becoming a problem, then simply choose a glass that is frosted or that has an added deco pattern. This helps to obscure the view without sacrificing the look you’re going for.

Kitchen Design Secrets Glass Front Cabinets

The rippled glass gives a slightly obscure view to the interior of the cabinet – providing a little privacy, yet keeping it open and bright.

Mullion Options

Adding mullions to your glass front cabinets will help to add character and charm to your space. We have a variety of mullion options that are great for any style of space. Our mullion options include regular, shaker, country, gothic, mission and X-mullion.

Kitchen Design Secrets Glass Front Cabinets

Here we have utilized beautiful gothic mullions on both sides of the range hood providing a nice symmetry.

Whether you simply want glass front cabinets or you’d like to add a mullion option, both will help brighten up your space. To get you started on your kitchen journey, Cabinet Collection has the tools and resources to get you well on your way!

We are proud to provide a cabinet buying experience with convenience, variety, and value of online ordering. Our passion for great home interiors is matched with unparalleled service. So contact us and let us help you design a kitchen or bathroom today!