The humble cabinet began its life as a box, with maybe a shelf, and a door to close it off. Today, we not only have shelves, but we have drawers (interior drawers, too!), two-tier drawers, pull-outs, cutlery dividers, waste cabinets, Lazy-Susan’s, and much, much more. But, in reality, it’s not necessarily about what’s inside the cabinets that matter. It’s really about how we can creatively design kitchen spaces and layouts with these humble boxes! So, what are some of the clever ways we incorporate storage with just cabinetry you say? Well, check out some of our design secrets below!

Island “Post” Cabinet

When it comes to storage, we can’t get enough! At Cabinet Collection, we don’t like wasting valuable space, so if the design permits, then extra cabinets it is! The island “post” cabinet is a great example of utilizing valuable space as storage. Instead of a traditional post to support an overhang on an island, why not incorporate a narrow cabinet? These come in standard 24” depth and also a shorter 12” depth depending on your needs. Plus, this creates a natural nook to hide the stools under the countertop.

Kitchen Design Secrets: Clever Design Tips Utilizing Cabinetry

Wine-Rack Add-On

Being clever with space might seem challenging, but when you can include add-ons to the exterior of the regular cabinet, it’s almost like a win-win. This is why we love the wine-rack add-on because it doesn’t waste valuable cabinet space as it hangs below the wall cabinet and hangs above the countertop. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to display your favorite bottles wine!

Kitchen Design Secrets: Clever Design Tips Utilizing Cabinetry

Built-in Spice Cabinet Nook

The built-in spice cabinet nook is a clever little thing to have by your cooktop. The cabinet is perfectly blended into the surrounding range hood, serving a purpose in functionality. The hood is big and beautiful, but adding the mini cabinets is a perfect way to utilize valuable space.

Kitchen Design Secrets: Clever Design Tips Utilizing Cabinetry

Back-side Island Cabinets

The kitchen island is a wonderful way to combine cabinetry to incorporate additional storage and work-surface area. And if space is available, adding 12” deep cabinets on the back-side is a great way to really maximize the storage potential. Plus, you could still have an overhang for seating. These cabinets are wonderful for storing seasonal items that you don’t use on a daily basis such as tablecloths, candles, place settings and more.

Kitchen Design Secrets: Clever Design Tips Utilizing Cabinetry

Bookcase Cabinets

The bookcase cabinet is typically done with a framed cabinet without a door (want to learn the difference between framed, frameless and framed? Check it out here!) as it will have wider stiles and rails. The bookcase cabinet is more of a decorative element, but serves an important purpose of storing and displaying cookbooks and other decorations! The takeaway? A cabinet can be reutilized without a door in a decorative way!

Kitchen Design Secrets: Clever Design Tips Utilizing Cabinetry

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