Kitchen Design and Guidelines, pt.2

Kitchen design and guidelines, pt.2

Taking our original kitchen design and guidelines blog a step further, we will share even more on how to successfully design and plan a kitchen. With cabinet collection, our business model is to help customers across America realize their kitchen dreams through an easy online solution.  Not to mention, we help you design and plan the space, but the more you know and can start planning your space, the better!

Water and ventilation

Water and ventilation points are a great place to start when it comes to drawing up your space. Unless you’re moving these items (which can be costly), they are pretty much locked down where they are today. 

two tone kitchen with island in black and kitchen with white cabinets

Kitchen Corners

The kitchen corners are another great place to start your design. The corner options are limited, so starting there and building out avoids unnecessary fillers and awkward connections. 

Standard heights

If you’re wanting to take your cabinets to the ceiling plan so by measuring 18-24” above your countertop. This measurement will help you see if you need a single cabinet or stacked cabinets. Another height to keep in mind is the ventilation. A stand alone hood measures about 30-36” above the cooking zone (check the recommendations in the specs!). While a microwave hood usually sits at or a little above the wall cabinet line. 

We hope you gained some more insight today with our kitchen design and guidelines tips! But of course, we help you along the way in this process with design meetings, provide drawings, and anything you may need. Want to learn more? Check out our original blog on kitchen design and guidelines!