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Hiring a Contractor or DIY Kitchen Remodel?

You’re considering a kitchen remodel (which may be why you landed on our site) and you’re probably wondering if you can do this remodel on your own or if you should hire a contractor. In reality, there really is no right or wrong answer but there are a few things you should consider. We feel this comes down to three important factors, time, experience, and budget. These all play a big role when considering your options. So, let’s break it down!


Time is a big deciding factor when it comes to hiring a professional or going the DIY route for your kitchen remodel. If time is of the essence, and you need your kitchen ready by Christmas (we are writing this in October), then a contractor is your best bet. A contractor will have a strict schedule to stick to, plus while you’re at work, someone else is taking care of remodeling your kitchen. On the flip side, if time is not an issue, you’ll be able to save money by going the DIY route.


Having experience with remodeling is a plus if you’re going the DIY route. In most cases, most of our customers aren’t remodeling kitchens every weekend, as these things may only happen once or twice in a lifetime. One thing to keep in mind is if you’re going the DIY route, the remodeling process could take longer than planned. Especially, if a situation arises where you need to hire, there may be a wait time before they can get to you.


Budget is probably the biggest factor, and not to mention, the deciding factor when it comes to DIY or hire. Hiring a contractor will of course be an added expense. But remember this is a professional who will cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s. The DIY route will save you money, but make sure to ask for help when you need it. No one wants to spend money on fixing mistakes.

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