Embracing Cabinet Color: Not Just a [Pigment] of Your Imagination

So, have [hue] been thinking about a kitchen or bathroom update? Maybe you had [red] that color is a hot trend right now? This isn’t fake news: colored cabinets are HOT and we are ready to design them with you! Maybe you want to feel more [orange]inal than your neighbor? Getting a little [purple]xed on the best colors to use? We are here to help! There are three main cabinet color groups that we see right now that are the perfect “almost neutrals” for your kitchen or bathroom. Let’s get that [color wheel] turning!

Baby, I Was Born This [Gray]

So maybe you aren’t fully on board with adding tons of color to your cabinetry. That’s alright – there are still tons of fun options out there for you. Our favorite compromise? A bold gray tone. Gray is still a neutral color and can go with almost anything while still feeling vastly different than all-white cabinetry. The trick to finding the perfect gray? Find your favorite tone. The technical definition of tone is: any hue with a neutral gray added to it. This means you can start with a color of choice, but then “dull it down” with gray, so it feels more neutral. Take a look at the three colors below. Sandstone looks more like a warm yellow-orange color, while the Dorian Gray looks like a cool blue-green. The Light Griege is an even darker gray, but still a mid-tone. You can also find much lighter, and much darker, grays than these, but a mid-tone is a perfect in-between.

Cabinet Color That [Blue] My Mind

So, blues have been on trend for several years now with most people incorporating the color into small bathrooms or in their kitchen island. This is probably the easiest color to also “get away” with if you are selling your home. Blue is calming and peaceful and is even considered a “false neutral” in the design world now. But the kind of blue that you pick can have a huge impact! Lighter, powder blues – like Billowy Breeze – can be perfect for small spaces like powder rooms, a kids bath, or in homes that have a more coastal feel, even if you are in the middle of the country. Powder blues feel like a bright sunny day, so it’s also very cheery! A grayed-out blue may be a perfect backdrop for anyone. Downing Slate is a gray blue-gray that feels like steel, so it could be used perfectly in a more industrial or masculine-styled setting. And our favorite of the bunch? Naval. Any deep navy blue has been the go-to “colored” neutral for years, and we cannot get enough of it. Deeper blues also look really good paired with fun woods like a Quartersawn White Oak and Walnut.

Just [Green] With Envy

The latest trend in cabinet colors: green. We have seen this the past two years covering industry show floors, and cabinet manufacturers have finally started releasing some standard green colors in their lines. The increasing trend with bringing the outdoors in is also helping to drive this. Even if you aren’t bringing actual plants inside of the home, using greens in your design can make it feel like you are. Cedar is a perfect outdoorsy green color, similar to moss. It’s also light and neutral enough to feel grayer than some of it’s bolder green alternatives, so a great stepping stone for those of you just dipping your toes into the colored sand. And what about a blue-green color? Teal Stencil is on par with all of our bold color dreams. We may not see this being used as much, but this color looks perfect with satin brass fixtures and pops against a bright white background. And our favorite green color right now? The deep forest greens – like Jasper – that would be perfectly paired with a natural Bamboo.

How you have some [pun]derful ideas of how to embrace cabinet color in your next renovation. Check out some of our other cabinet selections, or see how to effectively use two-toning in your kitchen – just in case one color isn’t enough!