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Countertops for Your Kitchen

While there are many ways to enhance your kitchen space, countertops are one of the more visual ways to do so. There are many different types of countertops to choose from, so it could sometimes be a challenge to choose the right one to fit you and your needs. Today we’ll cover the top types of countertops based on what our clients are incorporating into their spaces along with cabinetry from Cabinet Collection.


Granite has long been a fan favorite of many. Granite provides movement and luxuriousness to a space. Within the granite portfolio, there are many different colors and price groups to choose from. Typically, the more moment granite has, the higher the price point. Granite also has many variations of colors to choose from making this a solid choice for many! If granite is for you, remember that stone is porous and requires maintenance and care.


Lately, quartz has become more and more popular. Quartz is a very versatile material as it has options that either looks like granite, marble or can simply be a solid color. It’s super durable and requires little to no care and maintenance as it is non-porous. Just like granite, quartz also has different price ranges and with more movement the higher the price.

Kitchen Styles Modern

Butcher Block

Wood or butcher block countertops provide a sense of nature and warmth to a space. With wood, you get movement from the natural graining and a stain allows you to go light or dark in tone. The great thing about wood is you can sand it down in case there is damage. However, remember it’s living and breathing material that can expand and contract. In addition, too much moisture or too little can cause damage.

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All in all

While we covered the top three types of countertops, there are many more to mention. Other popular materials include marble, solid surface, laminate, soapstone, and concrete. Now, while we’re cabinet experts, we’ve been in the industry long enough to help you with advice on materials and how other elements can help to enhance your space! Contact us and we’ll get you started on your kitchen journey! To learn about even more countertops, check out this blog that covers the various types!