Brighten Your Kitchen Using Lighting

One of the best tools of the trade is to utilize lighting for any space. Not only does lighting help to improve any space, but it generally just makes people happy! In the kitchen, there are several ways to incorporate lighting. To start with the basics, there are three different types of lighting. Ambient, accent, and task lighting – each serving their own purpose.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is your general lighting that will light the whole room. In many cases, these are the recessed cans you’ll see in the ceiling. the light in the ceiling for example. Another great example of ambient lighting is the use of natural light, which provides the best kind of light! If you have a window in your kitchen, utilize it so you can enjoy the natural light, such as placing the sink in front of it.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is lighting that doesn’t necessarily serve a purpose other than being decorative. For example, a great way to utilize accent lighting is to point a light towards a piece of art or a feature on the wall. But in the kitchen, a wonderful way to utilize accent lighting is to incorporate uplights above your cabinetry or hang pendant lights above an island. These both provide a beautiful ambiance!

Task Lighting

Lastly, task lighting is important to incorporate for any kitchen. For example, incorporating downlights under your cabinetry will help to lighten up the areas where the cabinets create shadows. It’ll help to provide that extra light for your kitchen tasks such as chopping, reading recipes, and more!

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