Answering the Kitchen Questions We Hear Most Often

When starting out the kitchen design process, you may have many kitchen questions you’d like to ask. And well, you’re not alone! Most of our clients ask questions, and the more you know, the better the outcome (of any situation!). You might be wondering about how the process works, what materials to use, or even just how long the delivery takes. So today, we’re going to be answering the questions we most often hear from our clients! Check them out below.

How Does the Online Kitchen Design Process Work?

This is one of the top kitchen design questions we receive, The online kitchen process is pretty simple. Instead of visiting a traditional showroom, we do everything virtually. We have our design meetings via video chat, and once we have your designs ready, you’ll have drawings and even a 360 panoramic video. To learn more about our online process just check out our step-by-step guide on how the process works!

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How Long Does the Kitchen Design Process Take?

This question has a very layered answer, as there is no set time as to how long the design process takes. Each client that works with us is all different. Some know exactly what they want and where, while others (most clients) need time to digest and think about how they want the kitchen, and not to mention how they want it to look like. But overall, our goal is to make this process simple and easy for all our clients!

How can I decide on the finish I want in my kitchen?

First and foremost, we’ve got a whole gallery of finishes on our website, which is basically our virtual showroom. Our virtual showroom is one of our biggest tools when it comes to narrowing down finishes for your cabinetry. While most of us at least know whether we would like a dark, light, stained, painted, or other finishes – we are then able to narrow down our options. Plus, once we have an idea of what you’d like, we’re happy to send samples!

We hope this helped to answer some of those big questions you may have. And if we can help in any other way, let us know!