A Sneak Peek into Our Online Design Meeting

You may have noticed that as of lately we’ve talked a lot about how we do everything we do via the web. We’ve covered topics from navigating our online showroom, to meeting our virtual designer, to how the whole process works. But if there’s one last “online” topic to cover, we’d want you to know about our design meetings. And well, that’s exactly what we’ll cover today by giving you a little sneak peek into what an online design meeting is like! To start, imagine our design meetings being just like a traditional face-to-face meeting, except, it’s all online. This makes it easy and convenient for you to schedule a design meeting whether it’s in the comfort of your own home, or even during your lunch break at work! Cabinet Collection’s main goal is to provide convenience and value for you.

Where We Begin

Leading up to our design meeting, we’ve worked diligently on creating a design for your space based on our previous discussions on needs, wants, budget, and more. Then, for our design meeting, we set up an easy to access online video conference where you will see drawings that include floorplans, perspectives, and even a 360 virtual rendering (more on this below). We discuss the cabinetry in detail from materials, finishes, and features. And to conclude our online meeting, we cover any changes to be made for any follow-up meetings. That way, we are sure to create a space giving you the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of!

What You Get: Floorplans

As mentioned above, in our design meeting we cover a set of drawings. To start, the floorplans explain in detail what we’ve included in the space and give an exact location with measurements of each cabinet. The floorplan is what will give you descriptions and an overview which helps you see your space from above.

What You Get: Perspectives

We start with the floorplans and move onto what makes our clients a little more excited, the perspectives. The perspectives help you see what your space could look like in a 3D view. These look almost as if you’re standing in the space. You’ll see what each cabinet looks like whether it’s doors, drawers, or doors and drawers. From our experience, the perspectives help to set the tone and really gets our clients excited.

What You Get: 360 Virtual Rendering

We mentioned getting excited, and if perspectives don’t do it for you, then our 360 virtual renderings absolutely will do the trick! Now, virtual reality is not a new technology by any means, but having the ability to see your new space, while standing in your existing space, is something we’re sure passionate about sharing. I mean, there really is no better way to see the potential for your space!

Ready to see your new space in our 360 panoramic viewing technology? All you’re missing is a design meeting with us, a smartphone or laptop and you’ll be well on your way! Connect with us here, if you’re ready to take the next step towards your dream kitchen!