Ever wished you had a go-to source for cabinets with a partner you could trust to deliver the same quality and value your customers know you for? Want the expertise of a designer involved in your project? Need to expand your capabilities?

Become a Cabinet Collection Partner and realize all of the advantages we offer in terms of technology and service, plus a partnership plan to fit your needs. We recognize that everyone who partners with us is different, with varying needs, resources, and skills.  To support you, we’ve developed a program with components flexible to fit a variety of situations.

Become a Cabinet Collection Partner

Sales Aids

Whether you have a large showroom or are a small one or two person business, we have tools to help you and your customers.
Helpful components include: a sample base cabinet, door samples and chips, literature (printed and digital), specification books (printed and digital), and more. Kits are also prepared by style (framed, frameless, and outdoor) and budget of your typical projects.


Our approach is one based on partnership, which means both parties have to see the benefit of working together. So, we have two programs to choose from – select the same for all of your customers or change it up on a customer-by-customer basis.

For more information or to become a Cabinet Collection Partner, please contact .